Express Glow Potion  | Addmino 18 plex

Express Glow Potion | Addmino 18 plex

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High-shine lightweight booster. Thanks to its liquid consistency, the active ingredients it contains make hair instantly detangled, soft and bright. Hair is silky and shiny, with a glossy effect.

How to use:
In case of normal hair: after shampooing, towel-dry the hair and apply the product on hair lengths and ends, then comb, and rinse after a few seconds.

In case of extremely dry hair: for a more intense treatment, rinse EXPRESS GLOW POTION, towel-dry the hair, and then apply HAIR REBORN MASKand leave on for up to 5 minutes. Then proceed with rinsing.

Express glow potion Use the product as required and no more than twice a week, whenever hair needs an intensive shining booster.

Professional & domestic use

200 ml